In order to gain only lean muscle, you need to increase caloric intake slightly above calories being burned (not too high or you will store fat), and add micronutrient dense calories into your diet at the optimal ratios needed to trigger anabolic growth processes in the body. ISOGAINER™ has been developed to help you meet these two criteria. Each serving delivers 691 muscle-building calories in a convenient, easily digested, great tasting shake. ISOGAINER™ also contains an exclusive Anabolic Activating Matrix which helps extend your body’s anabolic potential even further.

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[toggle title=”NUTRABOLICS ISOGAINER”]At the cellular level, unprepared or unaware bodybuilders often catabolize (burn up) amino acids from existing muscle to meet energy demands. It’s a balancing act to be sure; eat too little you don’t gain, eat too much you gain muscle and fat. But if you consume exactly what your muscles need in the right portions you can gain quality muscle without fat. ISOGAINER™ provides an influx of the exact fuels and precise nutrients needed to build pounds of lean mass.

NUTRABOLICS ISOGAINER’s™ multi-stage complex carb array time-releases after you consume it, which leads to slow and steady blood glucose levels and continuous glycogen formation. Glycogen is stored in your muscles and is used to fuel muscle contractions during your workout, so this steady supply is a critical asset to your training.

To promote lean tissue accumulation (a.k.a. “anabolism”), NUTRABOLICS ISOGAINER™ delivers a massive 35% of its total calories (60 grams) from a specially selected range of premium protein sources for a consistent supply of muscle-building amino acids.

The Researchers behind NUTRABOLICS ISOGAINER™ designed this cutting-edge formula to provide essential fats that spare the use of carbohydrates and proteins for energy. This allows protein to be used for what it should be used for (i.e. growth and repair) and complex carbohydrates to be used to fuel workouts and rebuild glycogen stores.

For a rich and creamy shake, mix 3 scoops of NUTRABOLICS ISOGAINER™ with 15-20 oz. of cold water or other desired beverage. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve desired flavour and consistency. For best results drink 2 servings daily; 1 serving for breakfast and another serving throughout the day.

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