Failing to provide your muscles with the nutrients needed to refuel glycogen stores can blunt all of your efforts in the gym. With WAXYBOLIC™ this will never be a concern – the rapid absorption and pulse dispersion of this supercarbohydrate allows you to stabilize your training efforts and maximize the recovery process.

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[toggle title=”NUTRABOLICS WAXYBOLIC”]The “supercarbs” in WAXYBOLIC™ help to prevent large insulin spikes. This ensures that your blood glucose levels remain stable for your entire workout so your body stays out of fat- storing mode. To further support these effects, WAXYBOLIC’s™ supercarbs also have the capability for facilitating thermogenesis, which helps burn fat as you train.

The Waxy Maize Distarch Phosphate and Hydrolyzed Waxy Maize starches speed through regular digestion in the stomach and are instantly assimilated in your intestines and delivered to your hungry muscle cells. NUTRABOLICS WAXYBOLIC™ also shuttles vital nutrients such as creatine, amino acids, and cell-volumizing elements to your muscle cells for optimal recovery.

NUTRABOLICS WAXYBOLIC™ is made from an unflavoured blend so that it can be added seamlessly with any pre-workout, post workout, protein supplement or any other supplement stack you’ve got in your arsenal. You don’t have to sacrifice taste for results because you won’t even notice flavour-neutral WAXYBOLIC.™ Unlike “old school” waxy maize supplement, WAXYBOLIC™ mixes instantly to maintain a smooth and nourishing shake.

Stack with protein or BCAA supplement for optimal pre and post workout carb-loading and training efficieny.

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